Sunday, January 30, 2011

They are coming soon!!!

Sneak Peek Photos of our new store, we have been working sooo hard on are coming soon!!!! The 1300+ photos that have been sitting on my memory card are transferring to my computer as I write this blog post. (not 1300 photos of the new store.. 1300 photos of the last two years) That's the problem with such LARGE memory cards... you leave soo many photos on it that when you go to transfer them onto your computer, it takes forever to get through them all. I cannot wait for you to all too see it!! Eeek!!! I am sooo excited... only 554 photos to transfer!

Grand Opening Date... We promise not to much longer. We are wanting to make sure everything is put together just right before we open up and some of the NEW products being shown at the show this weekend in LA, California will have time to arrive that is ready to ship for the beginning of February!! We were hoping for the 1st or 8th of February, but it may be a little longer then that. Hopefully not much longer then a week!!! Fingers are crossed!!! We have a class scheduled for February 20th and it WILL be at our new store!!

Well signing off for now.. but I will be back in an hour or so to post some PICTURES!!!

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