Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hey Everyone! It's that time again, where we send out our monthly newsletter. We have been all day creating it, and are just finishing up with the final details and it will soon be sent to your e-mail boxes!!!

If you wish to be part of our e-mail listing, click here.

If you have not been receiving our e-mails and have before, please let us know at We have been having issues with our online program we use. We do not want you missing out on our classes, and specials!

Today marks a big day for us. It's our 3rd Birthday. That's right 3 years have flown by since my family and I took over the Scrapbook Store up in Hyde Park. So many great memories over the last three years and I thank you all for them.


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e.mel said...

Happy birthday!!!! woo hoo!