Thursday, January 19, 2012

January All Day Crop

There will be no Friday Crop tomorrow (January 20th)
We are excited for our 12 hour Crop on Saturday. This crop has been sold out for quite some time now, and we just wanted to let everyone know we have book another one for Saturday, February 4th. We currently only have a limited number of spots left for that crop as well, so if you want to make a day of scrapbooking, call to register before we are sold out for our next one as well!

So, the details...
Saturday, February 4th from 10 am - 10 pm
Cost $15 + tax
Come join us for 12 Hours of Cropping! There will not be lunch or dinner served,
but there will be some snacks provided throughout the day.

A few prizes will also be drawn for throughout the day!

There are quite a few different restaurants and fast food places across the street from us to go grab a bit to eat.

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Kristina W said...

Is there a 12 hour crop on the 18th? My mom seems to think there is. If not, when is the next one (besides Feb 4th)? We really enjoyed the last one!