Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend Hours

Hey Everyone!
Just wanted to let you know...
We will be closing tomorrow (Saturday, February 21st at 4pm)
OOPS Saturday, February 18th at 4 pm... sorry my calendar was set wrong on my computer!
and we will be closed for Family Day on Monday!

Hope everyone enjoys there weekend!
Come in tomorrow (Saturday, February 21st) ONE DAY ONLY SALE
and save 15% off STORE WIDE including SALE ITEMS!
***with exception of the NEW Monkey n' Around PageKIT***


Jackie said...

Hmmm tomorrow is February 18.. will you be open tomorrow?

Scrapbook Memories said...

We are open today, Saturday February 18th until 4, sorry I had my computer set to January and for some reason, didn't clue into it until this morning!