Friday, September 27, 2013


We can't do this without your support....
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th from 10 am - 5 pm 

or cropping until 10 pm

I shared my story about a special woman to Scrapbook Memories and I am sure if you read the London Free Press, you saw the giant front page cover picture of six children that her and her husband left behind after they both lost their battle to cancer.  Their 24 year old son has taken on a huge roll, as much as he wants to raise these children for his parents on his own, he needs our help too!  Tomorrow, Saturday September 28th there are various fundraising efforts going on in London for this family, one being an....

ALL DAY Crop tomorrow at Scrapbook Memories, there is still tons of space for you to join us, dedicating your day to scrapbooking the special moments in your family's life and to remember a dear woman that truly loved this craft too! So come join us for $25 (a portion of the proceeds collected for our crop will go to the kids) from 10am-10pm or even just a part of the day!  Join us for $15 from 5 - 10 pm.

Tomorrow we are also going to be serving cupcakes and tea or juice for a small donation to the kids, even if you cannot crop with us, it's a great reason to stop by for a little sweet escape. Children welcome.  Yvonne LOVED creating beautiful cupcakes to share with her children and all their classmates! Her wish even battling cancer for the second time was to create a charity to assist other families affected by the disease, read this incredible article wrote back in June for her.  It's very touching.  But that's not the only reason you should join us...

We are also going to be selling tickets for a 50/50 draw within the store ($5 CASH ONLY) and selling draw tickets ($3 each or 3/$5 CASH ONLY) for some awesome prizes, all great reasons to stop by the store tomorrow to help us with raising a few dollars for this family.  We cannot make this a success without the help of our Scrapbooking family!

Shop the store and save 20% off your purchase SATURDAY ONLY as our thank you for coming in!


Also, other friends of Yvonne and Wayne's are hosting a  
MASSIVE Garage  Sale and BBQ Fundraiser tomorrow.  
CLICK HERE for more details or also HERE


A dear friend of Yvonne is hosting an All Day Crop at Ashley Oaks Public School.  We will be set up as a vendor during this fantastic fundraiser on Saturday, November 23rd!   More details to follow.

Thank you in advance for those that can come out to make this a success!

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